Artist Statment

Averia Wright
P.O. Box N--10776, Winton Meadows #3, Nassau, The Bahamas
Phone: 242--324--4112, Email: averiawright@gmail.com

Having being asked if my art was 'just' a narrative I quickly replied no to say it was more than that, however through further thought and self realization it is just that. As Jackson Burnside would have said tell your story and that we all have a story to tell. There is an art in storytelling itself and one that I continue to learn and express in my art.

My works explore the mythologies, mysteries and the mystic's of life that takes me to my roots, my place of inspiration, African heritage, Bahamian folklore, exotic life forms and element of deep turquoise seas. In exploring my African heritage the abstraction of the effects of the Junkanoo parade plays into my work simply through the essence of movement, costume construction and bright colors. These shells of beauty or the ugly truths masks deeper realities of our constantly changing societal situations such as migration; overcrowding and poverty within the Caribbean diaspora are revealed.

As I continue to work in clay the need to explore how it works along side other organic materials rises, whether it be wood, or metal which all come from the earth is a fascinating journey. Choosing the right material and how it speaks to the piece, starts from the sketch and may transform as the building of the piece begins. This process alone is exciting, manipulating one to fit the other and determining the more dominant material.